Today’s challenges in healthcare call for trusted partners that can help.

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Take advantage of our comprehensive Managed Service Partnership or retain full control with our Vendor Management System.

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A Smart Solution

The CoNexus model helps both the healthcare providers and the suppliers of temporary staff do what they do best. Here’s how:

Healthcare Providers: Get The Best Candidates

  •   Improve your candidate pool by utilizing our extensive network of national suppliers
  •   Flexible permanent placement options
  •   Eliminate redundancies typically associated with staffing and improve efficiency via centralized staffing processes including:
    • - Posting needed positions
    • - Reviewing candidates resumes and selecting best prospects
    • - Interviewing
    • - Offering
    • - Scheduling
    • - Timekeeping
    • - Invoicing
    • - Evaluations
    • - Master staffing contracts
  •   Move away from reactive staffing toward a proactive solution via fully customizable analytics and on-site business reviews
  •   On-site onboarding; including marketing co-op that increases exposure to your facility—improving the chances of attracting quality prospective employees

Workforce Suppliers: Your Staffing Advocate

  •   Master staffing contracts aimed at being mutually beneficial for both provider and supplier
  •   Demand-based addition of suppliers ensures you are a needed supplier in our program
  •   Faster turnaround and better feedback on submitted candidates
  •   Grow your business via increased staffing opportunities
  •   Improved communication with providers
  •   Improved receivables
  •   Best practices training and consultation
  •   Create new growth opportunities for your organization through our exclusive partnership programs
  •   Joint Commission certification assistance

Interested In How CoNexus Can Help You?

We are here to walk you through how CoNexus can aid you - connect with us today to begin your journey to an optimized workforce.

Meet Our Account Services Team

Experienced Healthcare Professionals here to serve you

Jimmie Bilby

Jimmie Bilby

Joel Whiteman

Joel Whiteman

Regional Account Director
Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy Wilson

National Account Director
Celeste Peterson

Celeste Peterson

Credentials Liaison

We are different and we know it

We’re not aiming to be all things to all people. We are selectively looking to partner with clients that find value in our technology and support. This ensures you’re not just a number. If your needs don’t get met, we don’t deserve your business. PERIOD!

That’s why we offer services far beyond “staffing.” Here are just a few:

Semi-annual Business Reviews

Strategy sessions where we meet with key stakeholders to discuss current hiring situation, how we can proactively plan for permanent additions and utilize as little supplemental staff as necessary. This includes discussing expansions, reductions, seasonal adjustments, etc.

Best Practices In Staff Retention

Whether it’s use of our full line of consultative services including behavioral assessments, value assessments, or our comprehensive training on generational communication in the workplace, we believe you can benefit from our vast array of tools and experience.

Contingent Workforce Assessment

The use of contingent staff can actually have a very strong impact on the ability to hire permanent positions. We have the tools/experience to do a full assessment of your current practices and identify opportunities to ensure you have the largest pool of local candidates for permanent hire as possible.

Fully Customizable Pre-Screening

Decrease your selection time and improve internal efficiency by allowing us to pre-screen candidates based on client-specific criteria. Decreased time spent interviewing thus filling positions faster.

VMS Technology Created for Healthcare

Centralize the entire staffing process via one of the only comprehensive VMS technologies created specifically for healthcare.

On-Site Onboarding

Comprehensive onboarding by Client Relations Director with over 25 years’ experience as hospital administrator ensures that the program is fully customized to meet your specific needs.

Our solution is more than just technology

VMS technology has been available to assist with contingent healthcare workforce solutions for over a decade now. Unfortunately, it has done little to truly solve the fundamental problem associated with staffing hospitals.


Technology alone is never the solution. In an industry as complex as healthcare, it also takes a partner that can serve as a trusted guide.

That's Where We Are Different

We don’t just follow the old staffing model of “more is better.” We actually seek to align ourselves with our client’s objectives. Typically, that means using less supplemental staff.

Here's How We Help:

We provide you with both the technology and the service required to solve all of your workforce challenges:

  •   The Right Objectives
    • It’s the goal of every provider to use less supplemental staff. As a full-service MSP, we are actually able to share that goal. We recognize there is no magic pill for staffing and that the only way to reach that goal is to work in harmony and consistently share information that enables both parties to assess progress toward that goal. All parties must be committed to the objective.
  •   The Right Approach
    • Establishing a common goal is the first step. The second is developing a strategy that ensures the goal is met. This is where we truly take on the role of a supportive resource partner (or advisor). We want to build fully customized plans based on each client’s unique situation. That’s why we’re willing to take a little more time up front to ensure we understand the needs of our customers.
  •   The Right People
    • Ultimately, any plan is only as good as the people executing it. We have the privilege of working with some of the best clients in the country and that’s why we’ve committed to assembling a team that is equally qualified to assist them. We’re confident you will notice the difference.

Are You Asking Yourself These Questions?

  •   How can I get away from using travelers?
  •   Why am I losing new grads after only a year?
  •   Why am I losing core staff to travel agencies?
  •   How can I improve communication between millennials and baby boomers?
  •   How can I improve morale?
  •   How can I attract more talent?

If you have found yourself seeking solutions for these questions and more, we can help.

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The CoNexus Approach

We believe there is a different way to do things.

    Address the initial staffing shortage
    Develop a comprehensive long-term plan
    Implement a fully-customized strategy
    Regularly track our progress toward the goal
    Make adjustments on an as-needed basis
    Achieve the desired results

We are more than staffing.

Connect with us today to discover how we can help you revolutionize your workforce.

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